Banana River No Motor Zone

Manatee floating on its back in green water

Brevard County Local Attraction

Date Added: 6/15/2020

The Banana River No Motor Zone, located in the northern section of the Indian River Lagoon system, may be the crown jewel of Brevard's coastal waterways. The No Motor Zone starts north of the SR 528 causeway with access points at KARS Park and on the 401 causeway north of the cruise terminals of Port Canaveral. With superb fishing for a variety of saltwater species as well as the opportunity to view nature and resident wildlife, such as manatees makes this stop an outdoorsman's dream. As denoted by it's name, the No Motor Zone prohibits watercraft with engines or trolling motors, requiring the use of either paddles or push poles. This bestows a quiet serenity to the environment that is hard to find anywhere else on the water. [Footage courtesy of KARS park]

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